EC – My Feedback

Throughout the semester I have partaken in many art experiences. The following content includes my three favorite activities, three least favorite activities and other thoughts and comments.

My 3 favorite activities: 

  • Graffiti writing  – This gave me the opportunity to hang out with my friends and visit  the Venice art walls for the first time in my life. Graffiti was a little hard at first but it became fun once I got the hang of it. It was also really cool to be surrounded by the amazing work of other artists. Overall, it was an amazing experience.
  •  Sketching in the Garden – Although sketching can be a bit frustrating, the beauty of the Japanese garden made up for it. Being able to visit one of  my favorite places on campus and enjoy nature all while fulfilling my duties as a student was excellent. It’s an activity that gives people the opportunity to explore campus and their sketching skills.
  • Finger Painting – This activity was extremely simple and relaxing. It is the perfect activity for the last week of the semester as it doesn’t require a lot of time and it’s a nice break to take from studying.

My 3 least favorite activities:

  • Vlogs – I personally hate the way I sound on video and I have never been comfortable with the idea of speaking into a camera without really knowing who my entire audience is.
  • Plaster Casting –  This was a very frustrating activity and I think its’ difficulty level should mean that it is done in the second or third week of school. My main problem with this activity was that it was difficult to accomplish if you couldn’t get to a beach.
  • Art Care Package – I found this activity to be rather frustrating as I couldn’t really think of what to include in my art care package. I didn’t want to give away my concert tickets or movie tickets as those are things that I like to keep myself. Instead, I gave away things that can be found in a store which I think defeats the purpose of this activity.

I personally loved the hybrid format as it meant that we only met once a week which I personally found to be plenty of time to complete whatever activities needed to be completed on campus that week. I would then use my own time  at home to complete the art experiences and blog posts which definitely took more than one hour. This is better than F2F/Online.

The SOA gallery visits were fun and interesting. They were also the perfect place to conduct our classmate conversations and artist conversations because there was plenty of room to move around. Also, being outside of a classroom is nice break from all the other hours I spent in a classroom sitting down on a desk. I mostly had positive encounters with all the artists, but it can definitely be difficult to write up an artist conversation when the artist is incorporate or snooty.

The weekly blog posts were a fun and easy way to see others art activities and selfies. Most art is made to be looked at, so being able to see others art was fun.

For my career, an ePortolio is not very useful. I am a recreation therapy major hoping to attend grad school to become an Occupational Therapist. In both fields, the most important thing is experience. An ePortfolio would be a nice thing to have, but it wouldn’t determine whether I get hired or not. For my field, it is more about getting out there and getting experience. However, it is definitely not useless for other majors and wordpress makes it very easy to create one.

The Art Talk OTW video where always very interesting and taught me something new every week. I like this format for the discussion because it allows people to join the discussion whenever they have time to do so. I would always see different people having different discussion and it was cool that you could join whichever one you deemed interesting or had something to say about.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Thanks for the great feedback Valeria!

    Good luck in 2017!! 🙂

    — Glenn


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