Wk 14 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience required me to make a new Instagram account in order to post my four pictures under the #art110f16 hashtag. I forgot that I was supposed to take pictures throughout the day, so the first picture I took was during art class. After I got home, I took two pictures of two of my favorite ornaments since decorating our Christmas tree symbolizes the start of all things Christmas. I also decided to take a picture of Sylvester – my kitten.

Looking through the tag was a lot of fun and it was very interesting to see the many different things that people posted. There was definitely a lot of trends that I noticed. I noticed that a lot of people posted pictures of themselves in class, their pets, their  food and nature. I even saw a series of picture where a classmate used a tiny plastic hand in all of their pictures which added a very humorous tone to all of their picture. There was also some pictures that looked extremely aesthetically pleasing while others looked very normal. Looking through all of the picture kind of reminded me of people’s fashion sense. On any given day on campus you will find people that are wearing skirts, dresses, shirt dresses or slacks to people that are wearing workout clothes or swear pants. This is all because different people have different fashion taste and they also have different life factors that may influence the way they dress. The same thing can be seen through in the pictures under the tag. Different people experience different  and similar events throughout their days, so it makes since that the pictures were all different with a couple similarities here and there. Overall, I thought it was very interesting to look at the pictures under the tag as a whole because I tend to forget to look at the whole picture with a lot of things in life.



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