Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Ruiwen Lin

This week I had the pleasure of meeting my classmate Ruiwen Lin. Ruiwen is currently a fourth year and is majoring in Chemical Engineering. This semester is her last semester and then she will be graduating. I was definitely impressed with her major since chemistry is my number one enemy in science! On her free time, she enjoys working out, reading books and hanging out with her friends. Sadly, Ruiwen told me that it is harder for her to find a job since she is an international student. I hope things work out for Ruiwen.

Regarding the topic of fan art and Demi Lovato, Ruiwen believes that everyone has their own opinion. Demi can speak her mind and say whatever it is that she’s thinking despite the fact that she’s a celebrity. As for the artist, he also has the right to draw whatever it is that he wants. I definitely agree that Demi had every right to express her dislike of the fan art, but her actions came off as rude. I highly doubt that the artist meant any harm in drawing Demi’s body slightly slimmer than her actual body. Overall, I feel that Demi overreacted.

Check out Ruiwen’s webiste!


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