Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Media: T-Shirts, Yarn Scrap, Thread, Denim Jeans

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About the Artist

Alicia Keyworth is currently pursuing her BFA in the School of Art’s Fiber program. This semester is her last semester attending CSULB. After she graduates, Alicia would like to either use her teaching credentials and become an art teacher or she would like to work on her artwork. In her free time, Alicia sometimes makes her family members and friends clothing pieces.

Formal Analysis 

Upon entering the exhibition, one is greeted by a bean bag like item on the floor. This item is made out of cloth material and is actually a t-shirt landfill. Next to the t-shirt landfill is a  deconstructed denim shirt that appears to be very stiff and is white and blue in color. Next is a jumpsuit made out of scraps.The colors that pop out of the jumper are mostly yellow and white. As one keeps walking, a jean landfill can be found on the floor. This landfill’s top resembles a” v “and is mostly blue in color. Right next to the jean landfill is another t-shirt, but this t-shirt is opened and resembles a vest. Lastly, another scrap landfill can be found on the floor. This landfill’s yarns are very colorful as opposed to the other two landfills.


Content Analysis

In her exhibition, Alicia Keyworth explores the ideas of consumption,waste, the environment, and quality vs quantity. All of these ideas seem to be scattered, but they actually relate to one another. In the USA, 11 million tons of textile waste are produced each year. This is happening because American’s consumption of clothing is high due to fast fashion. Fast fashion enables people to purchase inexpensive clothing at any mall or clothing store they set foot in. In other words, people are choosing quantity over quality. This cycle is why Keyworth made landfills stuffed with clothes to represent the millions of textile waste produced by the United States. These landfills have a negative impact on the environment. The idea that the quality of craft and work is lost with mass production is shown through the handmade jumpsuit and shirts. Alicia made the clothing pieces from scratch. Overall, Alicia hopes that people are more mindful of their clothing purchases.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

Upon entering the exhibit, I immediately understood what Keyworth was trying to portray.  After having a conversation with her, I knew that my initial impression of the exhibition had been correct. Personally, I really liked this exhibition because it made me reflect on my own choices and the consequences of my choices. Throughout my life, I have definitely contributed to the pounds of textile waste produced by the United States. I like to do some shopping whenever I’m stressed as shopping is slightly therapeutic to me. Most of the clothes that I buy are definitely not necessary and I could have lived if I didn’t buy them. That is why I’ve been trying to only buy things when I either absolutely love them or need them. Although technically, I don’t really need clothes to survive.

Alicia mentioned buying clothes from from sustainable companies or from individuals that hand make clothes. Although it can get a little expensive, I think  that more individuals should try to buy from companies that do not harm the environment or severely underpay their workers in order to produce low quality clothing item. However, individuals that can not afford to buy such clothing items should not be shamed into thinking that they are the sole contributors to the problem. In the end, the true evil force are the massive corporations that mass produce clothes in sweat shops.


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