Wk 10 – Art Experience -Fiber Art Social Network

I have never thoughts of my real life friends and real life as a social network because I get to physically see them in real life. I only think only think of the online and mobile tools that connect me to people on the internet as a social media. I personally feel that you could have 150 relationship with others, but I don’t think they would all be meaningful relationships. I feel that I have a fair amount of friends, but I’m closer to some more than others. In order to have more meaningful relationships, I would need to invest more time then I have. The people that have over a thousand friends on Facebook definitely don’t know even ten percent of those people. They would add others as a “friend” to try to have as much friends as possible during Facebook’s popularity peak.


When I walked into professor Zucman’s office on Wednesday, I was sure that I wasn’t going to have many connections, but I was surprised by the amount of people I have met in class. I haven’t made a lot of friends but I really enjoy being in the art galleries with Claudia, Linney and Hailei. Personally, I think having around twelve people whom I have a close relationship would be ideal. This number excludes family members since I’m pretty close to a couple of my family members. In my Facebook, I have some friends that are more acquaintance than friends, but I have not deleted them because their posts do not bother me. However, as more years have passed since my high school graduation, I have deleted more and more people that I do not want to have as friends. Lastly, there has not been an instance where a weak relationship has brought me an opportunity.

Below is my “social network” featuring some my family members and friends.




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