Wk 9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For this week’s art experience, I decided to dedicate my art care package to my friend. My friend recently obtained a new job and she has been having a very hard time, so I knew this care package was for her. Not too long ago, I painted  a colorful parrot and she loves birds, so I decided to add the painting in the package. The painting represents me since I put my time and effort into the painting. It’s not perfect but neither am I. Then, I decided to buy her some popcorn and sour gummy bear since food brightens the soul! I also added a bath bomb so that she could take a relaxing and colorful bath. The care package also included a piece of paper that contains one of my favorite quotes.  The last thing that I added was a cute craft that my nephew and I created together in the summer. The craft contains glitter which I know she loves.

This experience was actually a little bit challenging because I’m terrible at giving gifts. I doubt my taste too much, so  I always end up gifting a gift card. However, I have always loved writing letters, so the actual last thing that I added was a letter where I attempted to cheer my friend up!


Sending an ACP to someone and sending a Snapchat to someone would be similar in that they get a quick look at an event you went to or something you did without actually being there. However, it is extremely different because they get to physically keep whatever it is you’re sending them. Personally, I love epherma. There will always be something nostalgic and beautiful about keeping your movie ticket or concert ticket in order have a physical thing to tie all your memories to. Epherma definitely gains value over time. There is  a reason why vintage shops are able to charge a lot for vintage items. I feel that the difference between a piece of art in a museum and an ACP is why it was created. A painter could have had a million reasons to paint, but a person creating an ACP clearly wants someone specific to recieve said ACP.

That being said, creating an ACP is definitely more meaningful than a Sapchat because you are giving someone something of yours that they can keep and you took some time out of your schedule to do so.











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