Wk 8 – Art Experience – Sketching In The Garden

I was extremely excited when I read that we were going to be sketching in the Japanese Garden this week! The Japanese Garden at CSULB is one of my favorite places on campus. I arrived at the Japanese Gardens a bit early, sat down by the pond and immediately began drawing. At first, doing the 30 second sketches was a little hard since I’m not used to sketching, but it became easier as I sketched more objects.


The hardest part of drawing in the Japanese Garden was trying to draw the ducks and the koi fish. I tried to draw my representation drawings from my point of view and I have to say that they didn’t turn out as bad as I thought they were going to turn out. Drawing the abstract drawings was a bit challenging, but it came fun once I let my imagination flow. The duck’s webbed feet inspired me to draw them as faux fluffy ear muffs. Also, I drew the koi fish as a fire breathing dragon and a mushroom village as my abstract drawings.

Drawing in the Japanese Garden was extremely relaxing and calming. Sometimes I get so caught up with school work that I forget to stop and relax a little. I loved observing the people come into the garden to feed the koi fishes or use the beautiful scenery as a backdrop for their pictures.



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