Wk 5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week I decided to head down to the Venice Art Walls with my friends in order to complete my graffiti writing. I had never gone to the art walls and neither had my friends, so we were all very excited! We didn’t really hit traffic and finding parking was really fast. We had a little bit of trouble finding the art walls, but I was so amazed at the art when we did find them!


We decided to start writing on one of the walls. My color schemes was compromised of green, pink and yellow. I decided to start with the green and began spray painting a “V”. At first, the green was very faint and I realized that it was because I was too far away from the wall, so I got closer and the paint immediately became very saturated.  I began to get the hang of things and wrote each letter of my name with whichever color I felt was right. After I was done, I just enjoyed drawing more graffiti with my friends. At some point, a small family began writing next to us and even the small boy was writing. This goes to show that anyone (even my artistically challenged self) can have fun writing graffiti.


After we were done my friends and I walked around enjoying the beautiful day and other people’s art! My favorite was a drawing of Tupac that I sadly forgot to take a picture of and of a pikachu! Overall, I had a blast graffiti writing and having fun with my friends.






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