Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Linney Sar and Claudia Sanchez


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Linney Sar and Claudia Sanchez. Linney is a fourth year majoring in Health Science in Community Education with a minor in Cambodian. Linney enjoys reading, cooking, baking, dancing and hiking. Her favorite food happens to be curry. Linney shared that the art that had the most influence on where she is today is an artwork she made in junior year of high school.  Her artwork is composed of her name and painted in a color scheme of blue, green and a little bit of brown. The colors represent her. She is mellow and entirely motivated in what she does. From afar, her artwork looks abstract but you will notice that it is her name the closer you get to it. Kind of like people. You don’t know them until you get closer to them. (In the picture she is the one to the far left.)


That same day I had the privilege of talking to Claudia Sanchez. Claudia transferred from East LA College and is currently a pre nursing major. She commutes to school and it takes her around 30 minutes without traffic to arrive to school. Some of Claudia’s hobbies include going to the beach, listening to music and seeing live concerts. Music is the art that has had the most influence on where she is today. The lyrics of songs express the emotions that she can’t put into words. To Claudia, music is an art form that makes her feel good and thus, pushes her forward. On that note, Coldplay is her favorite musical artist since she was twelve years old. It tuned out that Coldplay holds a special place in Linney’s heart as well! Meeting Linney and Claudia was a lot of fun as they were both very interesting individuals! (In the picture she is the one to the far right.)

Check out their websites!

Linney Sar’s website: https://zjlinney.wordpress.com/

Claudia Sanchez’s website: https://cslabell.wordpress.com/



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