Wk 2 – Art Activity – Landscapes With A Corpse

Death by Diabetes!

Thinking about the way I would depart this world didn’t really freak me out. I thought about it for a while and decided that diabetes would probably play a part in my death if I don’t change my eating habits. I do not suffer from diabetes, but I do eat a lot of candy and food loaded with sugar. That’s when I decided that my pictures would show me dying suddenly due to my diabetes.Although I am a bit clumsy, I don’t see myself dying from an accident. Instead I see myself dying from my life choices.

The park is where I spent a lot of my childhood playing and snacking on the occasional candy. That is why I decided on making a park the setting of my demise. I went to the park near my house and started looking for a nice place to lay down. I finally decided on a table and had my younger brother set the candy around me. Then, I proceeded to guide him on how to take my pictures.


The first shot is very up close and it shows a variety of candy laid all around me. My phone is near my chest because I tried to call 911 for help before passing away. I really liked the fact that you could see some of the candy crumbs around my lips.


The next shot is a little bit zoomed out and you can see that the bigger picture.


The next shot is the last that we took and it shows my body from head to toe. My phone is still there as I was trying to call 911 for help!

Overall, this was a very fun experience! Taking the pictures was a bit challenging since the wind kept moving the skirt of my dress. Also, a small puddle on the table kept on tickling my back which made it hard to keep a serious face. There was a lot of people at the park that kept on staring at me.

Actually creating the pictures wasn’t very hard since I used a large public space and had my younger brother spread the candy around me. I would say the hardest part was keeping a straight face! I wished I had taken a picture that was a little bit more zoomed out, but overall I think my pictures turned out fine.


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