Wk 1- Art Activity – Plaster Casting


Today I woke up with the plans of going down the beach in order to get my plaster casting done, but my body had other plans. My allergies started acting up and I knew that going to the beach would not be a good idea. So I decided to do it in my house instead! I first started by pouring play sand (purchased at home depot) into a 5 gallon bucket. I was rather anxious that doing it at home would make it harder for me, but as soon as I poured the sand in I was relieved to find that the texture was exactly like the sand found in the beach.

I first dug a hole into the sand inside my bucket. I then took a little bit of sand and poured water over it to wet it. I then stuck my hand inside the hole and had my dad pack the wet sand into the hole with my hand still inside the hole. I then slowly pulled my hand out and proceeded to mix my plaster with water until it was a buttermilk consistency. I moved quickly and poured it into the hole.

I then waited for around forty minutes. When I came back outside,  I started by taking the sand around my cast out of the bucket. I was then able to feel the fingers part of my cast and I freaked out a little so I ended up breaking two of the fingers off! Fortunately, the rest of my cast was left intact! I dusted some of the sand off and marveled at my creation. Although my cast is not perfect, it was a lot of fun to make and I overcame my allergies in order to make it!

P.S. I would have taken a picture with my cast, but my allergies made me look a bit haggard!


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